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Dr Emma-Louise Anderson

Associate Professor in International Development

Waad Arif

PhD student

Dr Sahla Aroussi

Associate Professor of Global Security Challenges

Mr Alex Batesmith

Lecturer in Legal Profession

Professor Richard Beardsworth

Professor and Head of School

Professor Garrett Brown

Chair in Political Theory & Global Health Policy

Laura Rose Brown

PhD student and Communications Officer

Dr Gordon Clubb

Associate Professor in International Security

Dr Laura Considine

Associate Professor of International Politics

Professor Olaf Corry

Professor of Global Security Challenges

Turgay Demir

postdoctoral researcher - Turkey

Dr Hugh Dyer

Associate Professor in World Politics

Dr Kingsley Edney

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations of China

Dr Scott Edwards

Research Fellow

Emily Gee

PhD Student

Charles Gray

PhD student

Marine Gueguin

Research Fellow

Dr Richard Hayton

Associate Professor of Politics

Dr Helena Hinkkainen

Associate Professor in Security, Conflict Studies and Governance

Professor Jack Holland

Professor of Global Security Challenges

Dr Victoria Honeyman

Associate Professor of British Politics

Dr Natalie James

Research Fellow

Dr Anne-Sophie Jung

Lecturer in Global Health

Dr Yoshi Kobayashi

Associate Professor in Global Political Economy and Development

Blake Lawrinson

Teaching Fellow

Yeonsu Lee

PhD Student

Yujin Lim

PhD student

Sam Mace

PhD student

Sean McDaniel

Lecturer in British Politics

Gillian McKay

PhD Student

Dr Marius Mehrl

Lecturer in Quantitative International Relations

Adityavarman Mehta

PhD Student

Sireetorn Mekpanopas

PhD Student

Mohamed Mohamood

PhD Student

Professor Edward Newman

Professor of International Security

Professor Conor O'Reilly

Professor in Transnational Crime and Security

Kelechi Okengwu

PhD Student

Dr Katy Parry

Associate Professor in Media and Communication

Dr Louise Pears

Lecturer in Global Security Challenges

Migena Pengili

PhD student

Estefania Pizarro

PhD student

Dr Euan Raffle

Postdoctoral Fellow

Professor Jason Ralph

Professor in International Studies

Natalie Rhodes

PhD Student

Dr Nick Robinson

Associate Professor in Politics

Shivani Singhal

PhD Student

Dr James Souter

Lecturer in International Relations

Dr Viktoria Spaiser

Associate Professor in Sustainability Research and Computational Social Science

Dr Cristina Stefan

Associate Professor in International Relations

Greg Stiles

PhD student

Harry Swinhoe

Research Fellow

Georgina Taylor

PhD Student

Dr Adam Tyson

Associate Professor in Southeast Asian Politics

Dr Alex Waterman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Owain Williams

Lecturer in International Relations

Dr Neil Winn

Senior Lecturer in European Studies

Dr James Worrall

Associate Professor in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies

Dr Danielle Young

UKRI Postdoctoral Fellow (Horizon Europe Guarantee Scheme for Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship)

Dr Ilaria Zavoli

Lecturer in Law