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Our Ethos

Research at the CGSC is conducted with the understanding that the complexity of contemporary issues of security and insecurity requires work that:

  1. Has a broad and inclusive understanding of the many forms of security and insecurity that includes but also goes beyond traditional state-based understandings of security studies.
  2. Engages with and advances the concepts of security and insecurity, producing theoretically informed and innovative research.
  3. Is cognisant of the multiple cross-cutting layers and locations of security challenges and so engages with how security/insecurity is understood and enacted from the inter-state to the local level, with the understanding that these levels are not separate areas of study.
  4. Recognises the value of multi-method and interdisciplinary research that can bring together multiple forms of knowledge to address complex questions of security and insecurity.
  5. Incorporates partnerships across the University of Leeds, in universities across the world and with both local, UK and global policy-makers and practitioners.
  6. Is connected and answerable to the communities with whom we conduct research as well as our local Leeds community.