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CGSC & EJIS Annual Lecture - Recording Available Now


On 17th November, Dr Olga Boïchak (University of Sydney) delivered the second CGSC and EJIS annual lecture. The lecture titled 'Civilian Resistance: everyday digital technologies in the Russian-Ukrainian war' took place in-person at the University of Leeds and online.

The recording of the lecture is now available on the BISA website and YouTube. Click here or below to watch the lecture.


Civilian resistance: everyday digital technologies in the Russian-Ukrainian war

Ukraine’s defiance in the face of a full-scale invasion by Russia has been a source of inspiration and surprise. Russia’s offensive that involved sophisticated military deployments with the intention of taking over the country’s capital was met with unprecedented grassroots mobilisation among the country’s population. From the objects of military violence, targets of Russia’s attacks have emerged as sites of productive resistance, using affordances of their physical and digital environment to forestall the impending occupation. This annual lecture presents an investigation into the role everyday digital technologies play in facilitating civilian resistance in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Olga Boichak is a lecturer in Digital Cultures at the University of Sydney. She is a media sociologist whose interests span networks, narratives, and cultures of activism in the digital age. Boichak is an editor of the Digital War journal and the author of a series of commentaries and publications on contemporary Ukraine. Her scholarship adds a participatory dimension to wars with a focus on information operations, volunteering, military crowdfunding, and diasporic humanitarianism. Prior to relocating to Australia, she co-led a project that explored the influence of social bots in political conversations online (Syracuse University, USA), and currently leads the Computational Social Science Lab at the University of Sydney. Her work has appeared, among others, in Big Data & SocietyInternational Journal of CommunicationMedia, War & ConflictIntelligence and National Security, and the Oxford Handbook of Sociology and Digital Media. She is the recipient of several fellowships and awards, including the Young Generation Will Change Ukraine, Fulbright, and the SOAR Prize.